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Baby nursery furniture set : Amish custom furniture.

Baby Nursery Furniture Set

baby nursery furniture set

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baby nursery furniture set - OiOi Baby

OiOi Baby Dot Messenger Bag, Turquoise

OiOi Baby Dot Messenger Bag, Turquoise

The OiOi Messenger Diaper Bag features magnetic snap closure in front, two exterior insulated side pockets with velcro closures (large enough to fit an AVENT bottle, sippy cup, or cell phone), three interior pockets for diapers, wipes, etc and large wipeable microfiber padded change mat. The removable insulated bottle holder and handy clip inside for keys make this diaper bag as functional as it is fashionable. Having a baby brings a lot of changes but it doesn't mean you have to change your style. Our bags keep you hip, stylish and organized. Once your munchkin is potty-savvy, you can use these bags for travel, the gym, the office...
Australian designer OiOi takes the fashion shapes and colors of the current season in handbags and creates practical yet sophisticated diaper bag designs that are tailor-made for every new mother. The word "Oi" is a ubiquitous term used in Australia to attract someone's attention...the Aussie version of "hey you!". Hence the designer penned the name in an ironic twist as she felt the bags were certainly "attention grabbing" as a stylish accessory yet, "incognito" as a diaper bag.

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baby F again

baby F again

I went round to the Mothers house who happens to be my cousin..
The lighting is natural light from a large window facing straight at the baby, the basket is a washing basket with a quilt in and a throw over the top, had the mother just out of shot holding the basket so it wasn't off balanced by the baby and a throw held at the back, the wooden floors were in her living room so had to take advantage...wasn't able to get a set up picture..there was No noise machien no heating nothing like that..she was just a very very good baby that sleeps through anything..O

nursery plan

nursery plan

We've got the furniture already and as much as I love the Dwell Owls crib set, I think we'll buy just the crib sheet and then go with a plain blue crib set (that will save $200). The rest of the nursery will be accented with the Dwell items as well as cute things from Etsy and things made my me!

baby nursery furniture set

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